As part of our ongoing commitment to inform the community about our development, please find below the link to view the Kariong Sand and Soil Facility Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and appendices. The link to the planning portal can also be found below.

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
Appendix A – Development Consents operating on site
Appendix B – S10.7 Certificate
Appendix C – SSD 8660 SEARs
Appendix D – Site Survey
Appendix E – Civil Plans
Appendix F – Landscape Concept Plan
Appendix G – Capital Investment Value
Appendix H – Waste Management Plan
Appendix I – Soil and Water Plan
Appendix I – Water Cycle Management Plan
Appendix J – Soils and Contaminaton Impact Assessment
Appendix K – Air Quality Impact Assessment
Appendix L – Traffic Impact Assessment
Appendix M – Amendment to Gindurra Rd near site entrance
Appendix N – Noise Impact Assessment
Appendix O – Flora and Fauna Study
Appendix P – Fire and Incident Management – Stage 1
Appendix P – Bushfire Risk Assessment – Stage 2
Appendix Q – Historical Heritage Study
Appendix R – Aboriginal Heritage Study
Appendix S – Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix T – Pollution Incident Response Management Plan
Appendix U – Consultation Report
NSW Planning Portal – Kariong Sand and Soil Supplies Facility