Want to contribute to your community? Many state significant projects in NSW have Community Consultative Committees (CCC). These committees provide a forum for open dialogue between the proponent and representative of the local community, stakeholder groups and local councils on issues directly relating to the project.
The proposal to create a recycling and recovery operation on the Kariong Sand and Soil Supplies site in Kariong was approved by the Independent Planning Commission in December 2021. We are looking for people who are members of a stakeholder group (community, environment, Aboriginal or industry) or live locally to join our Community Consultative Committee.

You will be expected to contribute constructively to committee discussions, attend around two meetings a year, and communicate information about the Kariong Sand and Soil Supplies facility between the committee and the broader community. Your role as a committee member is voluntary.

If you would like to apply, download a copy of the relevant nomination form via the button below. Applications must be lodged by 1st July, 2022 and sent to Brendan Blakeley, the independent chairperson of the Community Consultative Committee, at Brendan.Blakeley@wsp.com.

Contact Brendan Blakeley at Brendan.Blakeley@wsp.com or 0412 686 026 for more information.

NSW Department of Planning and Environment