Planning and Environmental Compliance

Planning and Environmental Compliance2022-10-24T15:28:48+11:00

Kariong Sand & Soil Supplies is required to publish a range of documents on its website under Condition C19(a) of the development consent, to provide the community ready access to information about the project.

Our website will be the information hub for the project and it will be kept up to date to provide all relevant information about the current status of the project and its environmental performance. Kariong Sand & Soil Supplies is committed to complying with this requirement and will update its website as required so all key documents are up to date.

Information we will provide on our website and keep up to date includes:

  • Our conditions of consent;
  • Our EIS, Response to submissions (RtS), Supplementary RtS and additional information relating to our development consent;
  • Our approved plans;
  • Our mitigation measures as defined in our EIS and planning consent;
  • All current statutory approvals for the development;
  • All approved strategies, plans and programs required under Conditions of consent;
  • Environmental monitoring reports;
  • Summary of environmental performance of the development;
  • Contact details to enquire about the development or to make a complaint;
  • Our complaints register;
  • Compliance reports;
  • Audit reports as part of any Independent Environmental Audit and our response to recommendations in the report;
  • Our EPA licence;
  • Our Pollution Incident Response Management Plan; and
  • Any other matter required by DPE

Please find these documents below:

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