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Following the purchase of a sand and soil facility located inside the Somersby Industrial Park at 90 Gindurra Rd, family owned company Davis Earthmoving & Quarrying Pty Ltd recently submitted a Development Application to transform the site into a state-of-the-art facility converting sand, soil and building materials into 100% recycled building and landscaping supplies. The facility aims to produce a number of building and landscape products, providing them for re-use mainly in the Central Coast region.

Together, we can Save Somersby by creating jobs, boosting the local economy, diverting waste from landfill, and reducing illegal dumping.



Kariong Sand & Soil Supplies will receive, process and store inert materials such as soil, sand and building materials which do not smell and are mainly from building sites. We do not accept any hazardous materials or chemicals such as asbestos, household rubbish or biodegradable waste.

Every load will undergo visual inspections before being accepted, and pre-screening will add an additional layer of scrutiny.


We will accept the following materials for recycling into landscaping supplies:

  • Sand

  • Soil

  • Concrete

  • Brick

  • Tile

  • Asphalt

  • Road Base

  • Timber

  • Metal


After processing, the products become sustainable landscaping materials that can be used in:

  • Landscaping

  • Civil Works

  • Building Works

  • Infrastructure Projects

  • Roads

  • Residential & Housing

  • Road Base

  • Gardens

  • Driveways

  • Excavations


It is important to recognize the facility is NOT a landfill tip. We will NOT accept or process:

  • Asbestos

  • Household Rubbish

  • Human Waste

  • Electronic Goods

  • Chemicals

  • Toxic Waste

  • Hazardous Materials

  • Putrescibles

  • Biodegradable Waste



Kariong Sand & Soil Supplies has undertaken numerous assessments to ensure that any potential impacts on neighbours and the environment will be negligible.

Path of traffic to the facility

Traffic Report

Vehicles coming to the site will only travel through the Somersby Industrial Park along Wisemans Ferry and Gindurra roads. Concrete kerbing will be installed on the exit to the site so trucks cannot turn onto local roads, such as Debenham Rd. The maximum number of vehicles entering the facility at maximum capacity will be no greater than 82 cars and trucks per day, mainly between the hours of 7am and 5pm. The maximum number of cars and trucks entering the site will be between 10am and 11am during business hours.

Air Quality

An independent report by Northstar Air Quality Pty Ltd has shown the facility will not impact air quality, including dust and odour impacts, and will meet the EPAs strictest requirements. In addition, a range of voluntary measures will be implemented, such as fence line air quality monitoring to ensure the site continuously operates within air quality standards.

Noise & Vibration

A noise and vibration assessment, including noise modelling, was conducted which found that the predicted noise emissions to the surrounding environment are low. The project fully complies with the NSW Noise Policy for Industry (NPI) of the NSW EPA during site operating hours due to the planned noise controls.

Water Control

On-site stormwater and erosion control measures will ensure that all storm water is captured, treated and reused on-site. Groundwater will be protected through operational areas being sealed hardstand or using bentonite impregnated geotextiles. WaterNSW has assessed the potential for the proposal to impact water supply infrastructure as low.


A state-of-the-art facility.

The facility will be a vast improvement to the current run-down lot and an important piece of infrastructure, adding value to the area. The building form and materials will blend structures into surrounding areas, and the retention of trees and use of endemic flora will integrate visually with the surrounding environment.

The existing landscape character is a mix of industrial development, rural properties and bushland ridgelines and corridors. Our facility will be small compared to existing industrial developments in the Somersby Industrial Area.

  • Front 3d view of the new facility
  • North East top view of the new facility
  • South West top view of the new facility



The facility upgrade will represent an important piece of infrastructure that will assist in creating a number of jobs on the Central Coast.

Kariong Sand and Soil Supplies will employ 20 staff at full operation, providing valuable skilled jobs for the Central Coast.

Furthermore, the facility will provide opportunities for employment through contractors and wider operations for local members of the community.


Our facility will bring a significant boost to the local economy of the Central Coast region. The operation will make an estimated economic contribution of $407 million to the Central Coast economy over the next 25 years.

The project will also provide competitive resource recovery options for local businesses who currently have limited access to these facilities nearby. This will also lower the rates of illegal dumping in the area.


The project will deliver educational, training and demonstration opportunities for the promotion of sustainable waste management practices in line with the Central Coast Council’s Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

As the world population grows, each of us adds significant waste to the planet over a lifetime. By coming together to reduce waste and increase recycling, we are doing our bit for the planet. We are committed to recycling at this critical time for our environment.

Ethical Practices & Environmental


The development will implement the latest environmental best practice and sustainability measures to reduce impacts on the environment.

The facility will provide local builders and landscapers with sand, soil, mulches and aggregates that are sustainable and will reduce the need for extracting these materials from the natural environment.

We are committed to keeping your waste out of landfill through our advanced Recycling Facility delivering 100% recycled landscaping supplies.

How will the local environment be protected?

The Kariong Sand & Soil Supplies project will include the following controls to protect the environment:

  • Sorting and processing within a controlled environment in the Secondary Sorting Warehouse

  • Enclosure of the tipping and spreading bays, with misting systems during tipping

  • Enclosure of the crushing, grinding and mulching operations with misting systems

  • Misting systems on outdoor storage bays for landscaping and civil supply materials

  • Additional management controls to cease operations on the site on windy days

  • Sweeping, watering down and maintenance of all hard surfaces and roadways to keep surfaces clean

  • Noise barrier and landscaping along the eastern side of the development to protect neighbouring properties

Only 6.6 of the 10.8 hectares are part of the application, the rest of which will remain as bushland for the purpose of preserving local flora & fauna including pigmy possums. We are also contributing up to $700,000 in biodiversity credits.

How can I provide feedback?

Save Somersby by submitting your positive support for our proposed development by visiting our development on the Planning Portal website. Alternatively, you can make a submission directly from our website by visiting our Public Submissions page.

We greatly appreciate your support for this project which will benefit both the environment and the local economy.

Jackson Environment & Planning: (02) 8056 1849

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